about jay

A detail-oriented, creative and reliable graphic designer with over 20 years experience in both design and art direction. I’ve maintained my clients for years and they continue to use my services due to the creative and problem solving abilities I bring to their projects as well as the timeliness in getting them done. I have a strong reputation for efficiency, creativity and delivering quality results.

featured work

Rorschach's Conundrum

Rorschach's Conundrum

Rorschach's Conundrum
by Bad Alchemy
Panera Bread

Panera Bread

Panera Bread ad
Pavlov's Other Dog

Pavlov's Other Dog

Bad Alchemy
"Pavlov's Other Dog" CD Imprint
Schematic Drawings

Schematic Drawings

Miscellaneous schematic drawings

freelance clients

  • SLD Unlimited
  • Pelican Life Sciences
  • AutoNation USA
  • Team Marketing Services
  • TravelHost Magazine
  • The Penny Group
  • Koeppel Direct Marketing
  • Pelton & Crane/KaVo
  • SnapAV
  • Schwartz Chiropractics
  • Geopier
  • Bice Wealth Mgmt.
  • Max Torque Industrial
  • eAviation
  • Metro Greenscape
  • Impact Marketing
  • Idolize Salons
  • Slomin Family Center
  • Print Basics
  • Effective Marketing
  • Panera Bread
  • VR
  • Boys & Girl’s Club
  • Burger Fi
  • Catalyst Services
  • Pilgrims Group
  • Edible Gardening
  • Ukulele Kids Club Inc.
  • The Building Center
  • Hubbell Consulting
  • TRAX
  • White-Stagg
  • Norsec
  • and more…